This is an in-progress series of dimensional, multi-layered, laser-cut original artworks based on my interpretation of Tarot imagery. This artwork can be hung right side up or upside down to reflect the inversed interpretations of the artwork when read in a spread.


These works and the weekly new releases in this series are available to purchase Here.

V: The Hierophant


The Hierophant is a bridge between worlds: Heaven and Earth, Life and Death, Waking and Dreaming. In this representation, I have chosen to utilize the Deer Headed Woman from my Borderlands Mythology as the symbol of the Hierophant. Here, she physically separates the earth from the sky, revealing a winding path for the small journeying figure she observes at a cave's entrance.

III: The Empress


The Empress represents fertility, abundance, powerful femininity, creativity, growth and motherhood.

XIX: The Sun


The Sun represents new beginnings, success, optimism, radiance, and freedom.