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This is an in-progress series of dimensional, multi-layered, laser-cut original artworks based on my interpretation of Tarot imagery. This artwork can be hung right side up or upside down to reflect the inversed interpretations of the artwork when read in a spread.


These works and the weekly new releases in this series are available to purchase Here.

V: The Hierophant


The Hierophant is a bridge between worlds: Heaven and Earth, Life and Death, Waking and Dreaming. In this representation, I have chosen to utilize the Deer Headed Woman from my Borderlands Mythology as the symbol of the Hierophant. Here, she physically separates the earth from the sky, revealing a winding path for the small journeying figure she observes at a cave's entrance.

III: The Empress


The Empress represents fertility, abundance, powerful femininity, creativity, growth and motherhood.

XIX: The Sun


The Sun represents new beginnings, success, optimism, radiance, and freedom.

XVII: The Star

The Star10x10_150dpi.jpg

The Sun represents new beginnings, success, optimism, radiance, and freedom.


Strength 10x10_150dpi.jpg

The Strength card symbolizes both physical strength and inner strength. Traditionally, it is depicted through the image of a woman calmly overpowering a lion. Here, I have represented this struggle as an arm-wrestling match between the woman and the lion. There is peace and balance between the two figures, but the woman's clenched arm protrudes from the boundaries of the frame, hinting at her victory. 

This is a great card for Leo's, and for anyone who can use a reminder that they are strong, capable, powerful and kind.

I: The Magician

The Magician 10x10_100dpi.jpg

The Magician offers up three out of four manifestations of desire: Swords, Cups, and Coins/Pentacles. The Wand, the fourth, he holds for himself. He represents energy, potential, and the infinite. He is a master of illusion and sleight of hand, but this is not in opposition to his ability to interpret the real mysteries of the universe, one of which--a winged fawn--lies just below his table. The Magician has both obscured his appearance, and perhaps he has enhanced it, but his secrets are his own. He is alluring to the creatures of the forest, and this is where he sets his table. When dealt this card, you may ask: have you met the Magician, or are you the Magician? 

VI: The Lovers

The Lovers_10x10_150dpi.jpg

The Lovers card represents love, relationships, sexuality, establishing bonds, forming a union, experiencing desire, and acknowledging kinship. 

XIII: Death

Death 10x10_150dpi.jpg

The Death card symbolizes change, endings, transitions and the great unknown. This piece signals the end of an era or a great change in one's life--usually not actual death. I created this card in the depths of February, and in my interpretation, I am thinking of a death of winter. This is a powerful card that encourages one to ride out their fate with a sense of adventure, wherever it takes them

XIV: Temperance

Temperance 11x11_150dpi.jpg

The Temperance Card is about achieving balance while being faced with turmoil, and staying calm when life gets stressful. I have presented it here in terms of environmental catastrophe, with a vision of pristine nature manifested by children harnessing the forces that keep Earth in balance.

XXI: The World

The World front 12x12_100dpi.jpg

The World in Tarot is the highest numbered card in the Major Arcana and traditionally represents completion, attainment, and success. I have chosen to illustrate this card with a Mother/Goddess figure central to the composition, pregnant with Earth, in balance and harmony with nature, exuding and receiving love and peace.

XII: The Hanged Man

XII The Hanged Man_2700px.jpg

XII: The Hanged Man may not be the card you want, but it might just be the one you need.  This piece is both a warning and an invitation. It reminds the cardholder to pause what they are doing to reflect on how and why, or the universe will stop you anyway. I think of it more as a suspended person than a hanged one, because this card is not a punishment. It invites you to view things from a new perspective for your own good. This is why I have depicted the man in this scene holding a small hand mirror cut from real mirrored acrylic, so the viewer finds a piece of themselves reflected here. Additionally, the rope from which he hangs is also binding a tree in a half-moon dreamcatcher pattern, symbolizing being caught up in one's own dream.

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